Fashion ring design refers to the artistic and aesthetic elements of a ring, such as its shape, style, and embellishments.

It encompasses a wide range of styles, including contemporary, vintage, and trendy designs.

Fashion rings can be made from a variety of materials, including metals, gemstones, and beads, and can be worn for both fashion and symbolic reasons.

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How to measure ring size?

There are several ways to measure ring size:

  1. Use a ring sizer: This is a plastic or metal tool that you can place on your finger to determine your ring size.
  2. Measure an existing ring: You can measure the inside diameter of a ring that already fits you and compare it to a ring size chart.
  3. Measure your finger: You can also measure the circumference of your finger using a piece of string or a strip of paper, and then compare that measurement to a ring-size chart.
  4. Use an online ring size calculator: There are several online ring size calculators that you can use to determine your ring size based on the measurements of your finger.

It’s important to note that ring size can change due to temperature, time of day, and other factors, so it’s best to measure your finger at the end of the day when it’s the largest and in a warm room.